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How do you not quit when you feel like quitting?  How do you not crack when cracking seems like the easy way to go? That is why KOGM online exists.  A place you can go to strengthen yourself in the Word and press the panic button to get your soul back on the path its supposed to be on.  TAKE THE CONTROL BACK, open your mouth, and know you're not alone!

The Mirror

When I'm wearing an outfit I feel beautiful in, I act differently. This outfit makes me feel confident. I boldly walk out of the front door with a different pep in my step.

What if there was a special mirror that allowed you to see yourself dressed in everything that Jesus died for you to have? You could see all the armor, the weapons, the strength, the victories already won, monogrammed just for you. 

The mirror also showed you the millions of angels backing you. Waiting to harken to the voice of your command.

It reflected your spotless snow white garments, completely pure and glowing in your righteousness with God with the outer layer red by the blood of Jesus.

It showed you seated high above this world. Where challenges seem so small and evil paralyzed by your voice.

How would you act when you walked out the door to face the day? The mirror is your eye of faith. See who you really are IN CHRIST and you'll never be defeated another day in your life.

With love,


Never too late.

How would you answer this question?  

What was Noah called to do?  Build a boat, yes, but why? Be a floating zoo keeper, yes, but why? Uphold righteousness, yes, but why? 

Honestly, I think we could narrow Noah's calling down the one a godly dad and replenish this earth.  

Science says we all can be traced backed to one woman and they call her "Eve". Really she should be called Mrs. Noah.  Through Mr & Mrs Noah, the nations were born- through them the messiah came.  That is Huge!

Do you know what's interesting about this world altering calling Noah had? It didn't start until after he was 500 years old.  




Dude! High five Noah ... he still had it.  

Now, I know we don't nearly live as long as they did back in Bible times but think of the YEARS Noah had to think... 

What am I here for? 

Will anyone ever love me? 

I'm just and anamal loving builder, who wants to honor God.  

Will I ever have a wife, family, or grandkids?  

But little did he know 500 years later he would waked into his destiny.   

My friend, preparation is never waisted time. Rejoice in where you are while you're perusing His plan for your life.  You see there is an apointed time for you to run smack into your purpose and I can garuntee it is bigger than you think.   And I am so sure it will be before you're 500. 😉

Look up and stay focused.  

With love,  


Life's boo-boos

Yesterday, Judaea fell down. Immediately she got up and said "I'm okay mommy".


After getting up she looked down and saw a  scratch on her knee, so she quickly raised her knee to her mouth and kissed her own booboo and continued playing.


This very dramatic two year old, under the same circumstances, could have just as easily stayed on the floor and cried like her leg was missing. But she didn't. She felt the need to carry on.  No time to stop and seek the attention of anyone else, just kiss her booboo and carry on. 


What she was doing, during the fall, weighed greater than the pain she endured. 

Don't stop today!! Kiss your booboo, give it to the Father, and carry on. Because the path the Lord has for you is great and we must not come down to the valley of "oh no"!! You win the mind battle!

The Attitude of Promotion By Kylie Gatewood

Our attitude is very important when it comes to promotion. You don’t have to have a lot of “Degrees” after your name or have a lot of experience in a given area, to be in a position to be promoted. But if you make yourself pliable to the instruction of the Lord, He is able to develop you to the level necessary for promotion.


Isaiah 1:19 says that “If we are willing and obedient we will eat the fruit of the land”. It is possible to have one without the other, but if both aren’t working together, then we don’t qualify for the good of the land. If we have not been eating of the good of the land, then we need to check to see if part of this equation is missing in our lives. Take a look at different areas of your life or ministry. Are you doing or willing to do what God has called you to do? Do you have the right attitude while doing it?


Contentment is one of the key characteristics of a person who is willing and obedient. This doesn’t mean liking everything about where we are right now in our journey; it means that we keep our mind on God instead of complaining about the place we’re in. Isaiah 26:3 says “God will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our minds on Him”. Peace is contentment, and it does not doubt, complain, or grumble when trials come.


In this verse, mind means framework or imagination. It’s like building a house; after the foundation is set, then a frame has to be built upon it. This determines the boundaries of the house and sets a limit on what is and isn’t allowed. God will keep us in perfect peace if we keep a boundary on our mind and refuse to let it wander.


Keeping our minds stayed on Jesus doesn’t mean that we can’t think of anything else; it means that we stand on guard against the attacks of the enemy on our minds. The minute a negative thought, idea, or suggestion that is contrary to the Word of God tries to penetrate our minds, we reject it right away and give it no place in our mind. The minute we do that, then we qualify for God’s perfect peace -shalom shalom- to reign in our hearts and in our lives.


Isaiah 55:8 points out that there are God thoughts, and natural thoughts. If we do not place a boundary on our thoughts and allow them to run rampant, we will always be thinking on the natural plane. There is a God thought for our family, job, work, and every area of life, yet often times when negative thoughts come from the enemy, we accept them as truth and remain earthly minded.


God will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our minds on Him. He wants to bless us doubly with an overabundance of prosperity and the only qualifier is that we place a boundary on our minds as to what we’re allowed to think. When thoughts of discontentment come we say ‘no’ to them, and instead trust that in God’s perfect timing, we will fulfill His perfect plan for us. This attitude will ensure that we’re always ready when the time arrives for us to receive our promotion from God!



BIG NEWS: Book and Worship CD Coming Soon!


I am so excited to announce that "Soul Control" the book and my worship album are so close we can taste it, and you can enjoy it!
God has called this ministry to reach the world with the message of peace: spirit, soul, and body.  Come with me on my journey from homeless and suicidal to whole and working for Jesus!  The world doesn't have to be depressed, terrified, or hopeless.  There is a practical way out and we must get the word out. I'm asking you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us so that we can fully complete these projects before Autumn Assembly Oct 2016.  You can do this two ways: Text the word "GIVE AMOUNT" to (727) 888-6091 or online at

We love and appreciate you all so much!
Kylie & Jimmy