Kylie Gatewood Ministries

Equipping the broken in soul to live a daily life of wholeness and victory.


How do you not quit when you feel like quitting?  How do you not crack when cracking seems like the easy way to go? That is why KOGM online exists.  A place you can go to strengthen yourself in the Word and press the panic button to get your soul back on the path its supposed to be on.  TAKE THE CONTROL BACK, open your mouth, and know you're not alone!

BIG NEWS: Book and Worship CD Coming Soon!


I am so excited to announce that "Soul Control" the book and my worship album are so close we can taste it, and you can enjoy it!
God has called this ministry to reach the world with the message of peace: spirit, soul, and body.  Come with me on my journey from homeless and suicidal to whole and working for Jesus!  The world doesn't have to be depressed, terrified, or hopeless.  There is a practical way out and we must get the word out. I'm asking you to prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us so that we can fully complete these projects before Autumn Assembly Oct 2016.  You can do this two ways: Text the word "GIVE AMOUNT" to (727) 888-6091 or online at

We love and appreciate you all so much!
Kylie & Jimmy