Kylie Gatewood Ministries

Equipping the broken in soul to live a daily life of wholeness and victory.


How do you not quit when you feel like quitting?  How do you not crack when cracking seems like the easy way to go? That is why KOGM online exists.  A place you can go to strengthen yourself in the Word and press the panic button to get your soul back on the path its supposed to be on.  TAKE THE CONTROL BACK, open your mouth, and know you're not alone!

The Mirror

When I'm wearing an outfit I feel beautiful in, I act differently. This outfit makes me feel confident. I boldly walk out of the front door with a different pep in my step.

What if there was a special mirror that allowed you to see yourself dressed in everything that Jesus died for you to have? You could see all the armor, the weapons, the strength, the victories already won, monogrammed just for you. 

The mirror also showed you the millions of angels backing you. Waiting to harken to the voice of your command.

It reflected your spotless snow white garments, completely pure and glowing in your righteousness with God with the outer layer red by the blood of Jesus.

It showed you seated high above this world. Where challenges seem so small and evil paralyzed by your voice.

How would you act when you walked out the door to face the day? The mirror is your eye of faith. See who you really are IN CHRIST and you'll never be defeated another day in your life.

With love,