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How do you not quit when you feel like quitting?  How do you not crack when cracking seems like the easy way to go? That is why KOGM online exists.  A place you can go to strengthen yourself in the Word and press the panic button to get your soul back on the path its supposed to be on.  TAKE THE CONTROL BACK, open your mouth, and know you're not alone!

Never too late.

How would you answer this question?  

What was Noah called to do?  Build a boat, yes, but why? Be a floating zoo keeper, yes, but why? Uphold righteousness, yes, but why? 

Honestly, I think we could narrow Noah's calling down the one a godly dad and replenish this earth.  

Science says we all can be traced backed to one woman and they call her "Eve". Really she should be called Mrs. Noah.  Through Mr & Mrs Noah, the nations were born- through them the messiah came.  That is Huge!

Do you know what's interesting about this world altering calling Noah had? It didn't start until after he was 500 years old.  




Dude! High five Noah ... he still had it.  

Now, I know we don't nearly live as long as they did back in Bible times but think of the YEARS Noah had to think... 

What am I here for? 

Will anyone ever love me? 

I'm just and anamal loving builder, who wants to honor God.  

Will I ever have a wife, family, or grandkids?  

But little did he know 500 years later he would waked into his destiny.   

My friend, preparation is never waisted time. Rejoice in where you are while you're perusing His plan for your life.  You see there is an apointed time for you to run smack into your purpose and I can garuntee it is bigger than you think.   And I am so sure it will be before you're 500. 😉

Look up and stay focused.  

With love,