Kylie Gatewood Ministries

Equipping the broken in soul to live a daily life of wholeness and victory.


How do you not quit when you feel like quitting?  How do you not crack when cracking seems like the easy way to go? That is why KOGM online exists.  A place you can go to strengthen yourself in the Word and press the panic button to get your soul back on the path its supposed to be on.  TAKE THE CONTROL BACK, open your mouth, and know you're not alone!


Although raised in a family of strong Christian ministry, life’s path for Kylie Oaks-Gatewood wasn’t always picture perfect and easy. The confident, successful, free woman of God she is today is testimony to the restorative work of the blood of Jesus. Her victory and freedom were forged in a dark and frightening time in her life. Battling mental and emotional disorders along with alcohol abuse, while living in her car, Kylie found herself in a place she never thought she would be—in a mental hospital.

Her testimony, though not an easy one, is powerful and mightily used by God to reach a dying generation in these last days. She has a tremendous ability to understand those that are suffering in that lost place and bring them healing. Edgy and real, compassionate and caring with a little humor thrown in for good measure, Kylie brings hope to a subculture of people so often overlooked or thrown away by the mainstream. Powerful transformations are the earmark of her ministry. For anyone suffering from hurts, habits, or hang-ups, there is an answer! And it is simpler than you might think!

Today those dark times are long past.  Her passion to serve God and see the lives of people changed by the power of His love has led her into teaching and preaching God’s Word around the world. She is also a strongly anointed singer and musician, and uses the vehicle of praise and worship to lead people into the Presence of the Lord where there is powerful personal and corporate ministry. It is her desire to see the body of Christ rise up and walk in the Truth of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit.